Film 100 has a very straightforward goal: to provide honest reviews of a number of different films in just 100 words. Disagree with the editor’s star rating of a particular movie? Then submit your own user rating underneath the review – it will update the overall community rating immediately! Want to write your own review? Leave it as a comment underneath the original review.


Film 100 was created and is edited by Chris Mayoh, a teacher, education consultant and film enthusiast. Find out more about Chris here.


Chris enjoys watching films but doesn’t watch enough of them. Chris enjoys writing but doesn’t do enough of it. Chris sometimes remembers that he’s watched a film but not always. Chris often makes excuses that he’s too busy to do things (but he’s working really hard to stop that).

Hence Film 100 was born, to document the film watching habits of one man who makes too many excuses. 100 words is short enough that Chris might write it and also that someone else might read it.


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